February 1890, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, oil on canvas. 

One of Van Gogh's favorite subjects to paint—blossom branches against a blue sky—is now going to be one of your favorite shirts to wear. This airy, light-blue, super-soft rayon shirt will look good in any setting, over any color pants, and in every lighting. Don't thank us, thank Van Gogh. 

Product Details

  • Made with our premium-quality, crazy-soft rayon. It's like a cool ocean breeze gracing your torso.
  • A relaxed fit means comfortable, but not too loose. Look good, feel good.
  • Dry clean suggested! If you do wash at home, make sure it's on cold delicate cycle and hang dry only!
  • Imported
  • Officially licensed with the Van Gogh Museum

RSVLTS Van Gogh "Almond Blossom"