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Lord Voldemort™ and the Death Eaters™… cool band name, uncool dudes to mess with.


Shadowy and forbidding like those who utter the incantation “Morsmordre™,” this BorlandFlex™ flannel is branded with the infamous Dark Mark™. The skull with a slithering serpent tongue that adorns the sleeve is a menacing reminder of the evil that lurks around every corner of the Wizarding World™. There may even be a sinister surprise hiding under the collar. Go ahead, pop it... embrace your dark side.


Product Details

  • The BorlandFlex™ poly/spandex blend is a revolution in flannels
    • 2-way stretch for extra comfort and a more forgiving fit
    • Tough and rugged enough for some yard work or even a trip to the mountain
    • Soft and warm enough for a movie binge or a hot toddy by the fire après ski
  • Added canvas under the collar keeps that neck nice and toasty
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant so you never have to think twice a