The Bowling Shirt line is inspired by that retro, classic cool of the 1950s. What we mean is that if you don't want to look like James Dean on vacation, maybe these aren't for you. Made with the lightest, softest material you're ever going to touch and brought to life with some funky-fresh patterns, these shirts are like nothing you've ever worn.

Product Details

  • Made with our premium-quality, crazy-soft rayon. It's like a cool ocean breeze gracing your torso.
  • A relaxed fit means comfortable, but not too loose. Look good, feel good.
  • A contemporary bowling shirt cut, inspired by the retro style of the 1950s
  • Dry clean suggested. If you do wash at home, make sure it's on cold cycle and hang dry only!
  • Imported

RSVLTS Kingpin Rockaway