The new GRAVITYMASTER, GRB100, using Bluetooth® connects to the G-SHOCK Connected smartphone app to keep accurate time, including adjusting for daylight saving time and changes in time zones. The countdown alarm counts down to a specified date and time, rather than just time, with the ability to label the event. The countdown to each event can be displayed on the watch down to the exact second, for detailed time management. The dual-display watch also has a flight log function for recording time and location data, with the ability to examine points and routes flown on a map from within the app. Geared towards aviation professionals, the latest GRAVITYMASTER model boasts connected Bluetooth capabilities, tough solar technology, and G-SHOCK's Multi-Band 6 technology for atomic watches, which provides accurate timekeeping virtually anywhere via radio signals from up to six different transmitters worldwide. GRB100 showcases a black and orange layered rubber strap and with a bronze-tone ion

    G-SHOCK GRB100-1A4