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This is a special model for 2023 with the motif of the “Moon Rabbit”.

It has a playful design with a bezel and dial inspired by the moon, and an illustration of a rabbit traveling on the moon on the back case. The module is protected by a carbon-reinforced resin case, and the outside is covered with metal parts to adopt a “dual core guard structure”.

We have challenged the structure and design of the lugs that fix the band, the crown guard, and the button guard function on the back cover, and have realized a smaller and thinner size.

Highly transparent sapphire glass is used, and the dial is delicately shaped using the microfabrication technology of the Casio Yamagata Plant and finished with a high texture by vapor deposition.

Can be connected to the dedicated app “CASIO WATCHES”. It also has multi-band 6 and tough solar, high-brightness LED lights, and practical functions.





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